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Rental Agreement

ADDRESS - Will be given once final payment is made




MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY - The maximum number of guests is listed on the cabin website. This is strictly enforced.


EVENTS - Events with guests in excess of the maximum occupancy of the reserved cabin are not permitted. Decorations are not permitted to be hung on walls/ceilings/furniture, etc. with adhesive of any kind. No glitter or confetti are to be used in the cabin. Guests are responsible for cleaning and removing any party decorations. 


MINIMUM RENTER AGE - Primary renter must be 25 years of age or older and must be an occupant during the reservation period. Reservations cannot be made on behalf of a third party. The primary renter is responsible for all damages made during a stay and responsible to ensure the rental agreement is followed. Reservations cannot be transferred to another party. Renting for a third party would fall under Falsified Reservations and renter would forfeit all money paid. 

HOUSE RULES - The Homeowner is entitled to evict the guests if the rental agreement is broken during rental period and are not responsible for returning any amounts paid.


FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit, and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check in.  If falsified pretenses are discovered during the reservation period (i.e. guest count higher than occupancy allowance, pet in cabin, etc.), management has the right to evict guests immediately and are not responsible for returning any amounts paid. 


CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT - Check-in time is after 4 P.M. EST and checkout is 10 A.M. EST. No Early Check-in or late checkout will be permitted.  You will be charged $50 for every half hour after the 10 A.M checkout time. Check-out procedures to be abided by. Detailed check-out procedures are located in the cabin.


This is a NON-SMOKING unit. Smoking is permitted on outside decks only. If smoke is smelled inside the cabin by the cleaning company, you will be charged a penalty fee and all associated fees with the removal of the smell.

PETS are not permitted in the rental unit under any conditions. See falsified reservations above.

PAYMENT – An advance payment equal to 50% of the rental rate plus fees, taxes, and website fee is required up front.  The advance payment will be applied toward the rent. All payments are to be made on the website via credit card or e-check.  The advance payment is not a damage deposit. The BALANCE OF RENT is due thirty (30) days before your arrival date.


CANCELLATIONS (nightly or weekly) – Cancellations or shortened stays that are made more than sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date will be fully refunded.  Cancellations or changes, that are made within sixty (60) days of the arrival date are non-refundable. 


TRAVEL INSURANCE – If cancellation is a concern, we do recommend the purchase of Cancellation Protection from CSA (Underwritten by Generali US Branch) - Protect your non-refundable payments should you have to cancel for a covered reason. Check with CSA for approved reasons for cancellation as they do not cover everything. We are not responsible for providing a refund for cancellation reasons not covered by the travel insurance provider. 


STORM POLICY/ROAD CONDITIONS – No refunds will be given for weather conditions. Mountain roads can be curvy and steep.  Four-wheel drive and/or snow chains are required on all mountain roads when snow or ice conditions are present. We DO NOT refund due to road conditions.


ACCESS – Guests shall allow company representatives access to the property for purposes of repair, inspection, or emergency.


CLEANING FEE – Rates include a one-time cleaning, linen, and amenity fee.  Amenities include one roll of starter toilet paper per bathroom, 1 roll of paper towels, dishwasher detergent, trash bags, and dish soap.  Anything needed by guests in excess of the stated amenities is the responsibility of the guests.

NO DAILY HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE – While linens and bath towels are included in the unit, daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. We suggest you bring beach towels. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the units.


RATE CHANGES – Rates of unreserved dates are subject to change without notice.


FURNITURE/AMENITIES/FINISHINGS - We reserve the right to change furniture or amenities if they need to be replaced and items may vary from what is depicted in the photos. 


BABY GATE - Baby gates are meant to assist, and we are not responsible for failure of gates or injury due to gates malfunctioning. Parents are responsible for watching their children by all stairs and baby gates should not be pushed on. Baby gates must be locked to function properly. 


FIREPLACES – The air conditioner and the fireplace should never be used at the same time. This will result in the air conditioner freezing up, which means no AC and a service call charged to the guest. Do not put any objects in any fireplace other than wood if it is a wood burning fireplace. No cooking in fireplaces are allowed, including marshmallows. An adult must be present at all times.  If damage to or around the fireplace is found, you could be charged for damages.  Follow all instructions for fireplaces found in cabin binder. Not all fireplaces are the same.


  • Wood Burning: Ensure damper in the chimney is open before lighting a fire. Prior to checkout, all ashes must be removed from the fireplace. Do not place more than 2 logs in the fireplace at one time. Ensure metal grate, glass, or metal curtain is covering the fireplace. Ashes and used logs should not be thrown over the balcony and should always be put in the metal ash container.


  • Gas Burning: Do not turn knob off and on and/or do not click button multiple times in a row as this could blow pilot light out.


FIRE PITS - Do not put any objects in any fire pit. No cooking in fire pits are allowed, including marshmallows. An adult must be present at all times.  If damage to or around the fire pit is found, you could be charged for damages.  Follow all instructions for fire pits found in cabin binder.


GRILL - The cleaning of the grill is the responsibility of the guests. Please make sure to clean the grill after use and empty the drip pan underneath the grill. Once grill cools please place cover back on grill. Do not turn off the gas valve. Follow all instructions for grill found in cabin binder.


HOT TUB – No children under the age of 8 are permitted in hot tubs at any time.  When using the hot tub, remember there is a certain health risk associated with this facility. Use at your own risk.  Our housekeepers drain, sanitize, refill and replenish chemicals in all tubs prior to your arrival; therefore, it may not be warm until later that evening. Occupants should shower after being in hot tub to avoid reactions on skin from chemicals. Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND OR SIT ON THE HOT TUB COVERS. They will break, and you may be charged for a replacement. Remember, when not using the hot tub, leave cover on so the hot tub will stay warm and ensure the hot tub strap is secured as wind can blow the hot tub cover off. Any issues with the hot tub should be reported immediately.  No refunds will be given for hot tub outages. 


SEPTIC – Some cabins might be on a septic system.  The septic system is very effective; however, it will clog up if improper material is flushed.  DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper.  No feminine products should be flushed at any time.  If anything besides toilet paper have been flushed and clog the septic system, you could be charged for damages.


PARKING – Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner. Parking on the streets is prohibited.


Vehicles – Guest should keep vehicles locked at all time. We are not responsible for damage from trees, bears, other wildlife, etc.


Forgotten, lost or broken items – We are not responsible for forgotten, lost, stolen, or broken items. If items left behind are found, guests are responsible for the cost associated with packaging and shipping said items.

WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS – Any exceptions to the above-mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

This unit is privately owned; the owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The Homeowners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.

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