We provide linens for beds, baths towels, and wash cloths.

We get you started with

- 1 roll of paper towels

- 1 roll of toilet paper per bathroom

- 1 laundry detergent pod

- Dishwasher pods

- Mini dish detergent

- Kitchen trash bags

- Travel/hotel size shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion

The kitchen is stocked with everything you would expect in a normal kitchen plus a griddle, blender, toaster, waffle iron, slow cooker, various size pots & pans, wine glasses, a Keurig, and a regular coffee pot

Yes! We provide a high chair, pack n' play, and baby gates where stairs apply

Yes! And it is propane.

Yes! We provide firewood in the cabins that have a wood burning fireplace. We can't guarantee that it will always be dry and seasoned. Be sure to pick up some starter logs at the grocery store or gas station on your way in. 

No. Under no circumstances do we allow pets

Yes! Our hot tub is drained, cleaned, and refilled for every stay

Yes, in Chalet Village, we have 3 community pools and clubhouses. The pools are open from Memorial Day weekend in May through Labor Day weekend in September.

Please visit www.chaletvillageownersclub.com for more information.

*NOTE - Not all cabins are located in a pool clubhouse area. 

We do NOT offer discounts, nor do we eliminate or reduce any of the fees.

30 days prior to your stay.

Address, door code, and driving directions will be sent in a separate email after your final payment is made.

You may check in any time after 4pm and you must checkout prior to 10am on the day of your departure.

Cancellations or shortened stays that are made more than 60 days prior to the arrival date will be fully refunded. Cancellations or changes that are made within 60 days of the arrival date are non-refundable. 

If cancellation is a concern, we do recommend the purchase of Cancellation Protection from Generali Travel Insurance (formally CSA). This does not go through us.

Below are links to information regarding the Travel Insurance offered through our website.

Plan Details *Fill in your Application Date and State of Residence. Product Name is: GR330

PLEASE NOTE: You will not have a specific policy number associated with your insurance policy. Your reservation number and your dates of travel will serve as your identifying information for the insurance company. 

Cancellations due to weather will not be refunded.

The roads are well maintained and paved. However, there are some steeper parts that are "scary" for some people.

Only if snow or ice conditions are present. It's basically a rule of thumb for all mountain roads in this area, that if ice or snow conditions are present, you should have 4-wheel drive or snow chains.

Yes. You may see evidence of trees and properties that we affected by the wildfires. Mush of the cleanup has been done, and a lot of greenery has come back.

It is possible that you will hear construction noise. Just as we rebuilt ours, others are doing the same.

We provide the highest package that our cable provider has. This includes premium movie channels and sports channels, including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, TMC, Starz, Starz Encore, NFL Redzone, and all the sports Networks. 

We provide unlimited cable internet with Wi-Fi.

On occasion, if upcoming unsold dates remain, we may reduce prices for those unsold dates. That will already be reflected in the pricing that you will see.

The only 2 days that we do not allow check-in or check-out is Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

No! We never post anything on Craigslist. If you see one of our cabins on craigslist it's a scam!

Yes, we decorate our cabins with a Christmas tree, stockings, and a wreath on the front door. We typically try to have all of our cabins decorated prior to Thanksgiving. Decorations are typically taken down mid to late January. 

Yes! We recommend Fruitful Vintage and Jeffery Martinez. Their websites are listed below.

Fruitful Vintage : http://www.fruitfulvintagechef.com/

Jeffery Martinez : https://www.simple2elegantchef.com/